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The gastronomy of Arcos de Valdevez, presents unique delicacies and flavors. The “Carne da Cachena with Arroz de Feijão Tarrestre” is the dish of choice.

The cachena breed is the smallest Portuguese bovine breed and one of the smallest in the world. Carne da Cachena, created mainly in the Serra da Peneda / Soajo, is certified by Protected Designation of Origin. The type of meat obtained results from an absolute balance between the production system used and the characteristics of the breed itself; it is distinguished by its unique tenderness and flavor, presenting a pink, light or pale color, light or dark red, according to the age of the animal, as well as little intramuscular fat, being deeply juicy.

Tarrestre beans are of the low type, sown together with corn. But the Arcos are also the Goat in the style of Soajo, tender from the Mezio retouços, with aromatic herbs from these landscapes, the “Cozido à Soajeira”, with homemade sausages and smoked, accompanied by fresh and rich green wines.

Traditional sweet desserts, for lovers of traditional Portuguese sweets, the “Cigars d’Ovos” accompanied with the Orange of Ermelo, both of conventual origin. We highlight the Bolo de Mel and the lesser known “Rebuçados dos Arcos“, unlike cigars, these are of popular origin. All these flavors await you in Sistelo, Arcos de Valdevez.

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  • Reservation of the house in its entirety (T3): 150 € / night (always for a minimum of 2 nights in low season, 3 nights in July and September and 5 nights in August)
  • Booking for 2 Pax (T1): 80 € / night (always for a minimum of 2 nights in the low season, 3 nights in July and September and 5 nights in August)

We do not have breakfast, but we put welcome basket.

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